While We Unite In Happy Meeting

While we unite in happy meeting,
Singing our songs of cheer,
While we are met with loving greeting
In our bright school so dear.
Many a heart is still entreating,
Bowed by a weight of sin defeating,
Seeking a light so dim and fleeting,
Lost in the shadows drear.

So let us strive to do our part, sharing our blessings here,
Freely we’ll give, that others may live and know our Saviour dear;
Giving from out our richest store, tearing the idols down,
Till all the earth shall know of His worth and give Him His kingly crown.

Many a far-off darkened nation
Bows to a god of stone,
Seeking relief and exaltation,
Finding but sin alone.
Give them the blessings of salvation,
Teach them of Christ the one foundation,
Till all the world, His fair creation,
Gives to the Lord His own. [Refrain]

Slowly the tide of life is flowing
Into that distant land,
Slowly the seeds of grace are growing,
Sown by a patient hand.
So let us join, our gifts bestowing,
Send out the Word, with mercy glowing,
Till every heart, the Saviour knowing,
Makes up the harvest grant. [Refrain]