Whilst Life Great God Thou Givest Me To

Whilst life, great God, thou giv’st me to enjoy,
Thy praises shall my grateful tongue employ;
Thy pow’r my boast; thy pow’r I’ll long display;
With me, ye meek, indulge the pleasing lay,
With me to him your voice alternate raise;
Gladly you’ll join my servent heart in praise.
Oft when I’ve pray’d, he lent a gracious ear,
And freed my troubled soul from ev’ry fear;
Whoe’er invok’d his name, but he reliev’d?
Who met repulse, when to their God they griev’d?
Did e’er the poor a fruitless aid implore?
No; when they call’d on him, they griev’d no more.
Who fear his word, who reverence his laws,
He sends his angel to support their cause.
O taste and see–you’ll find, our God is just;
Thrice happy they, that in his mercy trust!
Ye pious souls, put up a faithful pray’r,
And you his kind beneficence shall share:
While, roar the lion’s savage young for food,
Our God is to the righteous ever good.
Come then, ye thoughtless, listen to my lore,
And you to virtue’s high rewards shall soar;
Say, wou’dst thou live a happy length of days,
Void of all ill, in opulence and ease?
Thy tongue from lies, from perjuries, restrain,
And ev’ry vile insidious fraud disdain;
From ev’ry sin of ev’ry sort depart;
With ev’ry virtue sanctify thy heart.
For on the righteous casts our God his eye;
His pitying ears he opens to their cry;
But from obdurate sinners turns his face,
Their name and their memorial to erase.
When prays the just, the good, he always hears;
Is always ready to dispel their fears;
Their hearts, just broken with their griefs, to aid,
Their souls to free, when cruel foes invade.
Many the mis’ries that affault their peace,
Yet still their guardian God will give them ease;
Amid the various perils that surround,
Vig’rous and brave and resolute they’re found:
By their own crimes while wicked men shall fall,
And, foes to innocence, shall perish all;
Our God will them, that worship him, defend,
And ne’er desert them, till their lives shall end.