Whilst Shepherds In The Open Field

Whilst shepherds, in the open field,
Watched o’er their flocks, by night;
God’s angel shone in glory round,
And all their minds affright:
But the kind angel to them said.
Let naught disturb your mind;
Good news I bring you, which shall be
Great joy to all mankind.

For unto you, in David’s town,
(As sacred rolls record,)
This very day a Savior’s born,
The promised Christ, the Lord.
And this shall be your certain sign;
You’ll find (the Seraph said,)
The babe enwrapped in swaddling cloths,
And in a manger laid.

Then strait, there with the angel joined,
A numerous shining throng
Of heavenly spirits, praising God;
And thus unite their song.
Glory to God, who dwells on high,
By angels round his throne;
Blessed peace hath visited the earth
Goodwill to man is shown.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,