Whilst Sinners Who Presume To Bear

Whilst sinners, who presume to bear
The Christian’s sacred name,
Throw up the reins to ev’ry lust,
And glory in their shame:

Ye saints, preserv’d in Christ and call’d,
Detest their impious ways,
And on the basis of your faith
An heav’nly temple raise.

Upon the Spirit’s promis’d aid
Depend from day to day;
And, whilst he breathes his quick’ning grace,
Adore, and praise, and pray.

Preserve unquenched your love to God,
And let the flame arise,
And higher and still higher blaze,
‘Till it ascends the skies.

With a transporting joy expect
The grace your Lord shall give,
When all his saints shall from his hands
Their crowns of life receive.