Whisper A Prayer In The Morning Just At

Whisper a prayer in the morning,
Just at the break of the day
Why fear the fight,
In your battle for right,
When you know He will lead all the way?

Whisper a prayer,
Just whisper a prayer,
Even a whisper He’ll hear over there;
Vict’ry is thine,
In His love so sublime,
When to Jesus you whisper a prayer.

Whisper a prayer at the noontime,
Pause in the midst of the throng,
Look unto Him,
Who can conquer all sin;
In thy weakness, in Him thou art strong. [Refrain]

Whisper a prayer at the twilight,
After the day’s work is done,
No other friend
Will prove true t the end,
Like Christ Jesus, the Crucified One. [Refrain]