Whispered By The Evening Breeze

Whisper’d by the ev’ning breeze,
Chanted in the stately trees,
Sung by brooklet in the vale,
Shouted in the raging gale,
Hear it ringing:-“God is love!”
Gladness bringing, “God is love!”

Sweetest words below,-above,
“God is wisdom, God is love.”

In the silence of the night,
In the busy morning light,
In the murm’rings on the shore,
In the crashing thunder’s roar,
Hear it pealing:- “God is love!”
Softly stealing, “God is love!” [Refrain]

‘Tis the them of bird and bee,
Flow’r, and breeze, and land, and sea;
Ev’ry thing in rapture cries,
And the answer from the skies,
Tells the story:- “God is love!”
Speaks His glory, “God is love!” [Refrain]