Whispering Words Of Comfort

Whispering words of comfort,
Hand in hand they move;
Looking in vain, for darkness
Heavily lies above.

Sadly tolling,
Tolling for one who died,
Sadly tolling,
Tolling for One crucified,
O hear them changing their song to gladness,
Banishing fear and sadness,
Telling to all the wondrous story,
Of Jesus who died, but has ris’n again,
Who died, but has risen again.

Seeking their loving Master,
Wand’ring thro’ the gloom;
While Easter bells are tolling,
Sadly they reach the tomb. [Chorus]

Slowly the day is dawning,
Darkness disappears;
Seeing the tomb so empty,
Only increased their fears. [Chorus]

“Why do you seek the living
Here among the dead?
He is not here but risen,
Even as he hath said.” [Chorus]