White Pages Before Us Thank God This Is

White pages before us, thank God this is so;
Past errors forgiven, wash’d whiter than snow;
O’er sin-blotted record why sorrowing more?
Confess to the Father, white leaves are before.

Beautiful leaves from heav’n,
Moment in mercy giv’n,
New days of trial for him who grieves;
One more probation hour,
Promise of holy pow’r.
What shall be written on life’s new leaves?
What shall be written on our white leaves?

Forgiven, forgotten, Christ covers from view,
And strength for the future, gives daily anew;
All offers He freely for thy sinful heart:
This, this must be yielded, all, all, not a part. [Chorus]

Despondent one wounded by treacherous foe,
In moment unguarded by sin smitten low;
Defeated; yet never surrender Christ’s name,
Take courage and speak it, deliverance claim. [Chorus]

Then faithful in service, from hour unto hour,
By full consecration draw fulness of pow’r;
His oil of love burning gives out the true light,
The life to Him yielded hath pages of white. [Chorus]