Whither Are You Going Pilgrims Of A Day

Whither are you going, pilgrims of a day?
Tarry but a moment, rest you on the way;
No, we cannot linger here, day is waning fast;
We must reach the haven, ere the light is past,

Onward, ever onward, tho’ by tempest driven;
O how sweet the promise, we shall meet in Heaven.

QUEST. You will soon be weary, pilgrims of a day,
Trials are before you, dangers in your way;
ANS. Still by faith we’ll journey on, tho’ our path be drear,
If the Saviour lead us, what have we to fear? [Chorus]

QUEST. Pilgrims, are you going, where the Angels’ song,
O’er the fields of glory, gently flows along?
ANS. Yes, we seek the better land, lovely, pure and fair,
Where no grief can enter–will you meet us there? [Chorus]

QUEST. May we journey with you, pilgrims of a day?
Will you help us onward in the heavenly way?
ANS. Come, we gladly bid you come, day is waning fast,
We must reach the haven, ere the light is past.[Chorus]