Whither Do You Journey Sailor

Whither do you journey, sailor,
O’er the ocean deep and wide?
Do you seek a better country,
Far beyond this swelling tide?
Yes, it is the land of Canaan,
Where my heart and treasures are;
‘Tis a land of milk and honey;
And the journey is not far.

God be with you as you journey
To that fair and blissful shore;
Will we meet you there in glory,
when the storms of life are o’er?

What if tempests rock thy vessel,
And the angry waves dash high?
What if perils throng about thee, –
Unseen dangers hover nigh?
Christ will be my faithful Pilot,
On his grace I can depend;
Safely on shall glide my vessel,
Even to my journey’s end. [Chorus]

When the darkness gathers ’round you,
And you see no lighthouse ray
Gleam across the trouble waters,
Sailor, will you know the way?
Bethlehem’s Star can never fail me,
Lo, its blessed, golden light
Guides me onward toward that city,
Where there are no tears, no night.