Whither Goest Thou Pilgrim Stranger

“Whither goest thou, pilgrim-stranger,
Wand’ring through this lonely vale?
Knowest thou not ’tis full of danger,
And will not thy courage fail?”
“Pilgrim, thou dost justly call me,
Wand’ring through this desert wide,
But no ill shall e’er befall me
While I’m blest with such a Guide.”

“Such a guide? No guide attends thee,
Hence for thee my fears arise;
If some guardian power defends thee,
‘Tis unseen by mortal eyes.”
“Yes, unseen, but still believe me,
Such a Guide my steps attend;
He’ll in every strait relieve me
He will guide me to the end.”

“Pilgrim, see that stream before thee,
Darkly rolling through the vale;
Should it’s boisterous waves roll o’er thee,
Would not then thy courage fail?”
“No, that stream has nothing frightful,
To it’s brink my steps I’ll bend,
Thence to plunge will be delightful,
Here my pilgrimage shall end.”

While I gazed, with speed surprising,
Plunged the pilgrim from my sight,
Gazing still I saw him rising,
Like an angel clothed in light!