Whither Savior Shall I Flee

Whither, Saviour, shall I flee?
Who my confidence shall be?
Where can I find comfort now?
Who can cheer my drooping heart?
Who can life and strength impart?
Words of life hast only Thou.

Earthly joys that pass away,
Pleasures lasting but a day,
Anxious care and toil and strife,
Bitter murmurs, deep-drawn sighs,
From o’er-burdened hearts that rise,-
Not in these consisteth life.

‘Tis a conqueror to go
Thro’ the storms of life below,
With the Lord at rest to be;
Life is faith, and hope and love,
‘Tis the opened heav’n above-
Death as vanquished foe to see.

Life is on the narrow way
Pressing forward day by day
By the grace of God e’en now;
And this blessed life to live,
Thou Lord only, grace canst give,
Words of life hast only Thou.