Whither Should I Jesus Go

Whither should I, Jesus go?
Whither from my Lord depart?
Can the world’s vain glittering show,
Tear me from my Saviour’s heart?

Joy, and peace, and love, alone,
In my Jesus can be found;
‘Twas his last expiring groan,
To his love the rebel bound.

Whither from eternal life,
Should my wakened soul remove?
Carnal pleasures wage a strife,
But they’re all subdued by love.

May I in they arms abide,
Jesus, Sun of Righteousness;
Never may I turn aside,
From the path of blessedness.

Hence insidious world, no more
Shall you charm me with your wiles;
Jesus, let me gain that shore,
Ever blessed with thy smiles.

There in endless joy to sing,
Jesu’s all prevailing grace;
In the presence of my King,
May I find a happy place.

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