Whithersoever Thou Goest Let Me Thy Foot

Whithersoever Thou goest
Let me Thy footsteps attend;
Jesus, my wonderful Savior,
Loving Redeemer and friend.

There would I be, there would I be,
Thou who hast labored and sorrowed for me;
Whithersoever Thou goest,
There will I follow Thee. (follow Thee.)

Over the snow covered mountain,
Out on the wild desert track,
Seeking to rescue the lost ones,
Tenderly calling them back. [Chorus]

Telling of hope to the friendless,
Cheering the homes where they dwell;
Going with light and salvation
Into the dark prison cell. [Chorus]

Giving relief to the stranger,
Plodding his journey alone;
Sharing the trials of others,
Patiently bearing my own. [Chorus]