Who Are These Robed In White

Who are these, robed in white, who in glory appear,
Countless throngs from the east and the west-
With bright palms in their hands, and their robes snowy white?
Whence come they to mansions of rest?

They shall hunger no more, they shall thirst no more,
Neither faint in the sun’s burning ray;
And the Lamb of God, in the midst of the throne,
Shall wipe their tears away. [Refrain]

Up through sorrow and tears they have battled their way,
These are they who have conquered the foe;
And their robes they have washed in the blood of the Lamb,
And now they are white as the snow. [Refrain]

Through earth’s deserts they’ve come, through the fire and the flame,
With strong arms they have breasted the flood;
Day and night by His throne, in His temple they serve,
And bathe in the glory of God. [Refrain]