Who Are Those Pilgrims

Who are those pilgrims in plain attire,
Trav’ling the King’s highway?
Some wondrous hope must their hearts inspire,
Here they refuse to stay.

They are the jewels of God,
They are the jewels of God;
Rough stones made beautiful,
Rebels made dutiful,
They are the jewels of God.

Torn are their feet from the thorny path,
Still they do not complain;
Cheerfully ever they press their way
Onward the prize to gain. [Chorus

Stones that are precious must polished be,
Well do they understand;
Pilgrims must look not for home and cheer,
While in a hostile land. [Chorus]

“They shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts,”
Cheered by that word are they;
“When I shall make up my jewels” fair,
Brightly to shine for aye. [Chorus]

Thought of his coming so near at hand
Each to new effort stirs;
Thro’ him that loves them right soon shall they
Be more than conquerors. [Chorus]