Who But The Christian Is Happy And Free

Who but the Christian is happy and free,
Filled with the glory of God?
None in creation so happy as He,
Washed and redeemed in the wonderful blood.

Jesus, the one who my sorrows hath healed,
Thou are the one who my spirit hath sealed;
Only Thy glory from heaven revealed,
Only Thy favor can happiness yield.

Who but the ransomed can ever rejoice
Over the billows of time?
Grace all abounding and hope’s gentle voice,
Gladden their spirits that never repine. [Refrain]

How can a mortal in fetters of sin
Taste of a freedom divine?
Only where Jesus is dwelling within,
Comfort and liberty truly may shine. [Refrain]

Tell me not then of the pleasures that sting,
Coiled under roses of pride;
None but the holy and innocent sing,
Out of a bosom where pleasures abide. [Refrain]

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