Who Can Declare The Day Or Hour

Who can declare the day or hour,
When Christ once more shall come,
Arrayed in majesty and power,
To call His people home?

That day shall come when few suppose
The awful season near;
Unlooked for by deriding foes
Messiah shall appear.

Then all His servants shall rejoice,
And songs of triumph sing;
While sinners tremble at the voice
Of their offended king.

Where, gracious Lord, shall we be found
At that tremendous day?
With Thy eternal mercy crowned?
Or cast with scorn away?

We could not dare to view Thy face
If Jesus had not died;
But now we trust His boundless grace
And all our fears subside.

His name is all the plea we make,
With this we venture nigh;
Father, receive us for His sake,
And leave us not to die.