Who Can Forbear To Sing

Who can forbear to sing,
Who can refuse to praise,
When Zion’s high celestial king
His saving power displays?

When sinners at His feet,
By mercy conquered, fall;
When grace, and truth, and justice meet,
And peace unites them all?

When that terrific law
Which, from the blazing mount,
Filled Israel’s trembling camp with awe,
Shows a discharged account?

When the sweet Gospel found,
The silver trump of Heav’n.
Proclaim, to contrite souls around,
That all their sin’s forgiv’n?

When Heav’n’s expanding gates
Invite the pilgrims’ feet,
And Jesus, at their entrance, waits
To place them on His seat?

Who can forbear to praise
Our high celestial king,
When sovereign, rich, redeeming grace,
Invites our tongues to sing?