Who Can Say What Glories Lie

Who can say what Glories lie
Hid in Jesu’s Mystery?
What the Birth he had from God?
What the Riches of his Blood?
O, thou favour’d Bride!
Honour’d when thy Lover dy’d;
With a Proof of Love divine,
Say, how all he is, is thine.

My Belov’d, the holy One,
Our eternal Father’s Son,
Always did in God exist,
Ere he was declar’d the Christ:
Secret of the Lord,
God’s internal formed Word,
His eternal Thought of Man,
Now reveal’d in Gospel Plan.

This lay hid till Lust conceiv’d,
Bringing forth what soon bereav’d
Man of all his Righteousness,
Life, and Soul, and Happiness;
Then was that reval’d,
Which so long had been conceal’d,
How that heavenly Man our Head,
Was the Church’s Root and Seed.

He our faithful Seed and true,
Root divine on which we grew,
Sould restore our blasted Tree,
Set our captive Nature free;
Thus preserv’d in him,
He was destined to redeem
Us from Sin and Satan’s Pow’r,
Our Intelligence restore.