Who Can Sing The Wondrous Love Of The So

Who can sing the wondrous love of the Son divine?
O my Lord, there’s none so dear to me
As the One who bore the burden of all my sin,
And so freely died to set me free.

Oh, the precious music of Jesus’ name!
Glory to the Lamb!
Oh, sweetest name in song! the heavens shall prolong
The music of Thy name.

Tune your harps, ye ransomed throng, and extol the Christ,
Sing the Name that opened mercy’s door;
Oh, ’tis music, sweetest music to sinners lost,
Sweetest to the saints forevermore. [Refrain]

Oh, let saints and angels join in triumphant song,
Let the music of all worlds accord;
And in holy anthems high over all, proclaim,
“Glory be to Jesus Christ the Lord!” [Refrain]

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