Who Can The Burden Of Sin Remove

Who can the burden of sin remove?
And who can for sinners atone?
Who is sufficient for all our wants?
‘Tis Jesus our Savior alone.

It is Jesus, and only Jesus,
Son of our God most high,
That has furnished a full redemption;
He will our need supply.

Who can our safety and peace assure?
And who can the Father reveal?
Only one Advocate lives above
To answer the sinner’s appeal. [Refrain]

When the night falleth and courage fails,
Who then is our strength and our stay?
Jesus alone is our sure defense;
Trust Him, for we must and we may. [Refrain]

Daily the tempter who seeks our hurt
Is watching our souls to destroy;
Jesus Almighty to save, is near,
Let praises our spirits employ. [Refrain[

Victory, victory waits for all
Who trust in the Savior alone;
Tell it abroad to the waiting world,
His wonderful pow’r make known. [Refrain]