Who Fears The Lord Blest Man Is He

Who fears the Lord blefs’d man is he,
Who much doth in his laws delight.
His seed on earth shall mighty be,
Blest shall the race be of th’ upright.
Wealth in his house, much riches too,
His justice lasts for aye likewise.
Unto the upright man also
There doth in darkness light arise.
He gracious is and righteous:
And full is of compassion.

A good man lends and favour shews
His works guides with discretion.
He sure shall not be mov’d for aye:
Aye shall the just be in record.
Ill tidings shall not him dismay;
His heart’s fixt trusting on the Lord.

His heart’s confirm’d, he shall not fear,
Till on his foes his will he see.
He hath dispers’d; gives to the poor:
His righteousness for aye shall be:

His horn with honour high shall rise.
The lewd shall grieve, and melt away,
And gnash his teeth, when this he spies,
The wicked’s wish shall quite decay.