Who Hath Our Report Believed

Who hath our report believed,
Shiloh come, is not received,
Not received by his own;
Promis’d Branch from root of Jesse,
David’s offspring sent to bless ye,
Comes too meekly to be known.

Like a tender plant that’s growing
Where no water’s friendly flowing,
No kind rains refresh the ground:
Drooping, dying we shall view him,
See no charm to draw us to him,
There no beauty will be seen,

Lo! Messiah unrespected,
Man of grief, despis’d, rejected,
Wounds his form disfig’ring,
Marr’d his visage more than any,
For he bears the sins of many,
All our sorrows carrying.

No deceit his mouth had spoken,
Blameless, he no laws had broken;
Yet was number’d with the worst:
For, because the LORD wou’d grieve him,
We, who saw it, did believe him
For his own offences curst.

But while him our thoughts accused
He for us alone was bruised,
Stricken, smitten for our guilt:
With his stripes our wounds are cured,
By his pains our peace assured,
Purchas’d with the blood he spilt.

Love amazing so to mind us!
Shepherd come from heaven to find us
Silly sheep all gone astray!
Lost, undone by our transgressions;
Worse than stript of all possessions,
Debtors without hope to pay.

Fear our portion, slaves in spirit,
He redeem’d us by his merit,
To a glorious liberty:
Dearly first his goodness bought us,
Truth and love then sweetly taught us;
Truth and love have made us free.

Blessed be the pow’r who gave us,
Freely gave his Son to save us;
Bless’d the Son, who freely came:
Honour, blessing, adoration,
Ever from the whole creation
Be to GOD, and to the Lamb.