Who In Thy Glorious Temple Lord Shall Dw

Who in thy glorious temple, Lord, shall dwell,
And who shall rest upon thy holy hill?
E’en he, who holds simplicity of heart.
And from thy righteous judgments dreads to part;
Whose faithful tongue, indignant of a lie,
Wounds not his neighbour’s peace with calumny;
Whose thoughts no mischief ‘gainst a foe intend;
Who vents no killing slander ‘gainst a friend:
Who shuns the wicked, and detests their ways;
But, honours him, that heav’ns high will obeys;
Who’ll to the indigent his help afford,
And lose his int’rest, ere he’ll break his word.
Who with a modest income is content,
Nor takes reward against the innocent;
By acts like these, who can his duty prove,
Shall live for ever with his God above.