Who Is Jesus Blest

Who is, Jesus blest,
Like to thee, sweet Rest!
From the multitude elected,
Life of those who were rejected,
Light, too, brightest, best,
Jesus, dearest Rest!

Life, who me to save
Enteredst the grave!
For my sins of death hast tasted
All the realms of hell hast wasted,
Life who me to save,
Didst hell’s fury brave.

Majesty most dear,
Mightiest King and Seer,
I will kiss Thy scepter holy,
At Thy feet will sit me lowly,
And like Mary hear;
Majesty most dear!

By Thy Spirit’s rays
Let me know Thy praise;
Thine by faith, may I ne’er perish;
Warm love may I always cherish,
Thine through all my days,
Thou, my beauteous Praise!

When the billows’ might,
In the gloomy night,
With o’erwhelming weight would wreck me,
Savior, let Thy hand protect me;
Keep me by Thy might,
Guardian of the night.

And when death’s at hand,
Lord, then let me stand:
Through death’s shadows gently bear me,
And for light of bliss prepare me,
That I there may stand,
Lord, at Thy right hand.