Who Is Like The Lord Our God

Who is like the Lord our God,
Filling all eternity?
Guiding us with staff and rod,
Shepherd of our souls is He,
High in yonder heav’n His dwelling,
Unto men His grace He brings,
While above the anthem swelling
Magnifies the King of kings.

Praise Him, praise Him all ye people!
Shout His praises! pow’r and glory
Unto God the Lord belong.
Alleluia! Lo, the Church its voice upraises
Alleluia! Hear from heav’n the endless song.

Who is like our King of love,
Mindful of His own below?
Rank on rank His hosts above
On His royal errands go.
Still His heart is with the lowly,
Lifting up the poor and weak;
Look to Him, the High and Holy,
He is near to all who seek. [Refrain]

Who is like the Lord our God,
Wonderful in works and ways!
Thro’ the pathways yet untrod,
Let us follow all the days.
What can grateful spirits tender
Unto Him for gifts and grace?
Looking unto Him so tender,
May we see Him face to face. [Refrain]

Let us come with one accord,
Let us in His courts appear,
Praising Him, our loving Lord,
Graciously He bends to hear.
Take the cup of free salvation,
Hail Him now with glad acclaim;
Lift the heart in adoration,
Blessed be His glorious Name. [Refrain]