Who Is This That Cometh From Edom With D

Who is this that cometh from Edom
with dy’d garments for Bozrah
who is he and what is his name

his name shall be called wonderfull
counsellor the mighty God
the everlasting father the Prince of Peace
the great I am the first and last
the Alpha and Omega
Shiloh Emmanuel God with us
the Lord our righteousness
the seed of the woman
serpent bruiser
son of man
lamb of God
equal with the Father
Grace and truth

mercy and truth have met together
Righteousness and peace have kissed each other
now is the hour of darkness come
and Jesus waits to hear his doom
the Roman speakes the Jews reply
his blood be on us let him die

death and dispair what do I see
the Lamb of God hang on a tree
with rusty nails his body tore
and Bloody sweat from ev’ry pore
runs plentious down

hark how he groans his bitter cries
the rocks have split but see he dies

now is the hour of darkness past
Christ has affirm’d his reigning powers
behold the great Acccuser cast down
from the skies to rise no more

Old Adam the first excited by Lust
and Eve the seducer entailed the curse
but Adam the second one Saviour and King
has made the Attonement and freed us from sin

O that men would praise the Lord
Praise him for creating pow’r
praise him for redeeming Love
Praise the lord

Hallelujah praise ye the Lord