Who Is This That Waiteth

Who is this that waiteth,
Waiteth for my call,
While the dews of morning
Gently round him fall?
Hark! I hear him knocking,
Knocking at my door,
Asking me for entrance,-
Pleading o’er and o’er.

Let me in, let me in,
Patiently I wait?
Wilt thou not unbar the door
Ere it be too late?
O come in, O come in,
Be my guest today;
Saviour, come, abide with me
Evermore, I pray.

Who is this that waiteth
In the storm outside,
Sad and worn and weary,
Still his wish denied?
O, such gentle patience
Must an entrance win;
Still I hear him pleading,
“Let me enter in.” [Refrain]

O, it is my Saviour!
Saw I not before
All that bleeding sorrow,
All that anguish sore?
Saw I not the nail-prints,
When his blood was shed?
Saw I not the thorn-crown
On his kingly head? [Refrain]

Thou shalt wait no longer
In the gloom outside!
Enter, O sweet Stranger,
And with me abide!
Long I sought thee, Saviour,
Thou wast at my door!
Now I bid thee welcome,
Welcome evermore! [Refrain]