Who Is Yonder Man Of Sorrows

Who is yonder man of sorrows
In the midst of that fierce throng,
Pale with anguish silent standing,
While they curse Him loud and long?
Who but He who came to save us,
He who peace and pardon gave us,
Bowed with grief and pity strong?

Who is this with robe of purple
And a reed in His dear hand,
Hailed as King with fierce derision
By His foes who ’round Him stand?
‘Tis the Christ O wondrous story,
This is He the Lord of glory
Now an outcast in the land.

Who is this on yonder hillside
Diademned with thorns I see,
Pale and peerless, broken-hearted,
Hanging there on Calv’ry’s tree?
This is He whom death can never
From His loved ones ’round Him sever,
Dying there for you and me.

Who is this adown the garden,
Born by those who love Him well?
Can it be that He is conquered,
Will He burst the gates of hell?
Yes, the Easter Day is dawning,
Christ is risen, it is morning,
Let our songs of triumph swell!

Who is this before the Father
In the courts above I see,
Lord of life and King of glory,
Pleading there my cause for me?
This is He, O blessed Jesus,
Who from sin can now release us
And forever keep us free.