Who Jesus Is I Cannot Tell

Who Jesus is, I cannot tell,
Or whence He came, where He doth dwell;
I only know He mixed the clay,
And touched my eyes, and it was day.

I once was blind, but now I see,
And that is quite enough for me,
For me, for me,
And that is quite enough for me.

A sinner He? they call Him so,
But whether true I do not know;
One thing is very plain to me,
He touched my eyes, and now I see. [Refrain]

Was it e’er known, since time began,
That one born blind was healed of man?
But He who scatters life abroad,
Must be the very Son of God. [Refrain]

This wondrous man! is He the Lord?
And am I list’ning to His word?
My Jesus too! I do believe,
And thus my inner sight receive. [Refrain]