Who Lord Shall To Thy Courts Repair

Who, Lord, shall to thy courts repair.
And find a gracious welcome there?
Who, in thy holy hill above,
Shall dwell forever in thy love?
He who uprightly guides his ways,
From rules of justice never strays;
Whose every word doth truth impart.
And speaks the meaning of his heart.

Who with his tongue backbiteth not,
Nor seeks his neighbors fame to blot;
Who entertains no ill report,
Nor spreads it to his neighbor’s hurt;
Whose eyes, the vile, though great, despise,
But all that fear the Lord doth prize;
Whose oath, and promise, firmly bind.
Nor hopes, nor fears, shall change his mind:

No gains by griping usury makes.
Nor bribes against the harmless takes:
The man does thus, by God approved.
Stands firm, and never shall be moved.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,