Who Made The Sky So Clear And Blue

Who made the sky so clear and blue,
And rich and verdant field?
Who decked the flowers with sparkling dew,
Them fragrance gave to yield?
Who taught the birds to soar so high
And sing in rapture there?
Who gave the little butterfly
Of wings a lustrous pair?

It was our Father, God and King;
His holy Name for ever sing!

Who let from endless azure sky
The sun so brilliant beam,
And made the snow-clad mountains high
In gold and crimson gleam?
Who gave the moon its silvery rays
To spread in silent night?
Who gave there in the sombre space
The stars their twinkling light? [Chorus]

Who made the mountains, woods, and hills,
And all the bleating flocks?
Who placed the lakes and brooks and rills
Between majestic rocks?
And who created you and me
And us His Spirit gave?
Who taught us life eternal see
Beyond the narrow grave? [Chorus]