Who May Be This Wondrous Stranger

Who may be this wond’rous stranger passing by,
Love and grief and pity blending in His eye?
Some sweet blessing from His lips my soul would crave,
For ’tis surely He whose words have pow’r to save.

O my heart is waiting, waiting for His coming;
Will He pass me as He pass’d before?
Will He see me waiting?
Will He hear me pleading?
Will He enter now my door?

Once my heart was hard and would not bid Him stay,
Tho’ I saw Him pass so weary day by day;
When He knock’d I would not listen, but did frown,
And I did not know the Stranger wore a crown. [Refrain]

Oft I marked that kingly presence passing by,
Oft I saw the silent pleading in His eye;
Oft I heard as if a sigh had rent His breast;
Yet I would not let Him in to be my guest. [Refrain]