Who Place On Zions God Their Trust Hopki

Who place on Sion’s God their Trust,
Like Sion’s lofty Rock shall stand;
Like her, immoveable be fix’d,
Establish’d by his mighty Hand:
Whose strong Foundations stand secure,
And shall for evermore endure.

Look how the Hills on ev’ry Side
The fair Jerusalem inclose;
So stands the LORD around his Saints,
To guard them from their Foes:
He shall their strong Protector be,
And from all Danger set them free.

The Wicked may afflict the Just,
But they shall not too long oppress,
Or force him by Despair to seek
Unrighteous Means for his Redress;
For GOD, who still remains his Friend,
From Heav’n shall speedy Succour send.

Do good, O righteous GOD, to those,
Who do in Goodness take Delight;
The Heart that Innocence retains,
To those thy choicest Blessings give,
Whose Hearts before thee are upright:
The LORD the Wicked shall destroy,
But crown his Saints with Peace and Joy.