Who Puts His Trust In God Most Just

WHO puts his trust
In God most just
Hath built his house securely;
He who relies
On Jesus Christ,
Heaven shall be his most surely.
Then fixed on Thee
My trust shall be,
For Thy truth cannot alter;
While mine Thou art
Not death’s worst smart
Shall make my courage falter.

Though fiercest foes
My course oppose,
A dauntless front I’ll show them:
My Champion Thou, Lord Christ, art now,
Who soon shalt overthrow them;
And if but Thee
I have in me
With Thy good gifts and Spirit,
Nor death nor hell,
I know full well,
Shall hurt me, through Thy merit.

I rest me here
Without a fear;
By Thee shall all be given
That I can need,
O Friend indeed,
For this life or for heaven.
O make me true,
My heart renew,
My soul and flesh deliver!
Lord, hear my prayer,
And in Thy care
Keep me in peace forever.