Who Shall Condemn To Endless Flames

Who shall condemn to endless flames
The chosen people of our God;
Since in the book of life their names
Are fairly writ in Jesu’s blood.

He, for the sins of his elect,
hath a complete atonement made:
Stern Justice views without defect
The work he wrought, the price he paid.

Not tribulation, nakedness,
The famine, peril, or the sword;
Not persecution, or distress,
Can separate from Christ the Lord.

Nor life, nor death, nor depth, nor height,
Nor powers below, nor powers above;
Not present things, nor things to come,
Can change his purposes of love.

His sovereign mercy knows no end,
His faithfulness shall still endure:
And those who on his truth depend,
Shall find his word for ever sure.