Who Shall Ever Separate Us

Who shall ever separate us from the wondrous love of Christ?
Neither persecution, famine, nor distress;
Principalities nor powers, neither angels from on high
E’er shall cause that love to weaken or grow less.
Neither height nor depth can sever from that love so strong and pure,
For he promised ne’er to leave us nor forsake;
So we’ll trust in him forever, for the Word of God is sure-
Till at last in his own likeness we awake.

There is now no condemnation; for he took our sins away,
And he nailed them to his cross on Calvary.
There can be no separation; for “He’s just the same today,”
And his love still reaches out to you and me.

Who is he that shall condemn us, when our Lord for us hath died?
And he said, “I’ll not condemn you; sin no more.”
For the love of God is broader than all other love beside,
And our sins by Jesus’ blood are covered o’er.
He has promised to forget them, and remove them far away-
All the heavy load of guilt and sin and shame.
And our ransom has been purchased that doth make us free today,
Signed and sealed and given us in Jesus’ name. [Refrain]

Who shall ever separate us from the love of Christ, our Lord?
Neither perils on the sea or on the land;
Not imprisonment nor fasting, nor the swift, relentless sword;
Never foe disturb, and never traitor stand.
When his enemies are conquered and our victory is won,
When the hosts of sin at last are put to flight,
We shall join the ransomed army at the setting of the sun,
In the land of everlasting love and light. [Refrain]