Who Shall Ope For Us The Portals

Who shall ope for us the portals
Of the new approaching year?
Who shall guide us, who protect us
From all danger, harm and fear?
Who shall give us strength and courage,
Patience, hope, and wisdom too,
That we may, as cheerful pilgrims,
Still our journey here pursue?

There’s but One can ope the portals
Of the year we enter on;
There’s but One can lead us safely
On the way that we must run.
Who is this so great and mighty,
Who is this our strength and shield?
Has He ever spoken to us
And Himself to us revealed?

Yes, His precious Word reveals Him,
Tells us of His boundless love,
Of that mercy and compassion
Which has bro’t Him from above.
And His Name?–O yes! ’tis precious–
Jesus, Savior, Brother, Friend–
He shall guide us, guard and keep us
Till our journey here shall end.