Who Shall Sing If Not The Children

Who shall sing, if not the children?
Did not Jesus die for them?
May they not, with other jewels,
Sparkle in his diadem?
Why to them were voices given,
Bird-like voices, sweet and clear?
Why, unless the song of heaven
They begin to practice here?

There’s a choir of infant songsters,
White-robed, round the Saviour’s throne:
Angels cease, and, waiting, listen:
Oh! ’tis sweeter than their own!
Faith can hear the rapturous choral,
When her ear is upward turned;
Is not this the same, perfected,
Which upon the earth they learned?

Jesus, when on earth sojourning,
Loved them with a wondrous love;
And will he, to heaven returning,
Faithless to his blessing prove?
Oh, they cannot sing too early!
Fathers, stand not in their way!
Birds do sing while day is breaking–
Tell me, then why should not they?