Who Shall Toward Thy Chosen Seat

Who shall to thy chosen seat
Turn in glad approach his feet?
Who, great God, a welcome guest
On thy hallow’d mountain rest?

He whose heart thy love has warm’d;
He whose will to thine conform’d,
Bids his life unsullied run;
He whose word and thought are one;

He who ne’er with cruel aim,
Seeks to wound an honest fame;
Nor to slander’s tongue severe
Bends with easy faith his ear;

Who, from servile terror free,
Turns from those who turn from thee;
And to each, who thee obeys,
Love and honour ever pays;

What he swears, with stedfast will
Ever ready to fulfil;
Nor can bribes his sentence guide
‘Gainst the guiltless to decide;

He who thus, with heart unstain’d,
Treads the path be thee ordain’d,
He, great God, shall own thy care,
And thy constant blessing share.