Who Walks Beside Me In The Rugged Path

Who walks beside me in the rugged path of life today?
‘Tis Jesus, ’tis Jesus!
Who holds me lest I wander into sin along the way?
‘Tis Jesus of Calvary!

I love Him! I love Him!
The Savior dear who died for me that day;
I love Him! I love Him!
O how can I His wondrous love repay?

Who makes my burdens lighter and who helps my cross to bear?
‘Tis Jesus, ’tis Jesus!
Who says “Come unto me, ye weary, I your griefs will share?”
‘Tis Jesus of Calvary! [Refrain]

Who left His home in heav’n above a sinful world to save?
‘Twas Jesus, ’twas Jesus!
Who died upon the cruel cross; His life a ransom gave?
‘Twas Jesus of Calvary! [Refrain]