Who Wants To Travel To Tree Top Land

Who wants to travel to Tree Top Land?
Who wants to ride with a jolly band?
Who likes to rise like a bird on the wing?
Come and we’ll go in the swing!

Off we go-to and fro,
Swinging, swinging, swinging;
O what fun-every one,
Singing, singing, singing;
Merry lay-laughter gay,
Ringing, ringing, ringing;
Light and free as the birds are we!
O, the joy of swinging!

Who wants to see where the Robin lives?
Who wants the pleasure that flying gives?
Who loves to hear what the soft breezes sing!
Come then with us in the swing! [Refrain]

Who wants to peep into Cloudland bright?
Who want to follow the sunbeams’ light?
Come then, the fare is the song that we bring,
Come take a trip in the swing! [Refrain]