Who Was There To Hear Good News

Who was there to hear good news proclaimed
by an angel from on high?
Who was there to hear the glorias
that rang throughout the sky?
Only shepherds on a barren hill,
caring for their flocks that night;
only shepherds lifting up their eyes
to see the wondrous sight.

Who knelt there beside the manger bed
of the new-born holy child?
Who stood round to sing the angels’ song
to Mary, mother mild?
Only shepherds bravely greeting him
who would rule their hearts one day;
only shepherds trusting peace would come
to those who walk his way.

Who amazed their friends with stories of
angel songs, incarnate Word?
Who gave thanks and praised God joyfully
for wonders seen and heard?
Only shepherds, simple folk and poor,
on a hill near Bethlehem;
only shepherds wise enough to see
that Christ had come for them.