Who Will Answer For Me

Who will answer for me, when, life’s battles all past,
I shall stand at the bar of the Judgment at last,
When before me the Judge of all nations I see,
In that terrible hour, who will answer for me?

When the Judge shall at last call my name from the roll,
And shall ask, “who will answer for the guilty soul?”
Then my Saviour will turn with compassion to’ard me,
And His sweet voice will say, “I will answer for thee!”

Oh, how dark all my past, as from there I look back,
Many sins and mistakes will I count on my track,
Scarce a single good deed on my record I see,
And I cry in despair, “who will answer for me?” [Chorus]

Justice there will I see with the scales in her hand,
And I know I shall quake as upon them I stand;
“Weigh’d and found wanting” there, as no doubt I shall be
In my weakness and fear;- who will answer for me? [Chorus]

Saviour, help me to walk close to Thee day by day,
When I hear Thy commands may I trust and obey;
While I live may I ever to Thee faithful be,
Then at last hear Thee say, “I will answer for thee!” [Chorus]