Who Will But Let Himself Be Guided

Who will but let himself be guided
Of God alone, in all his ways,
Shall strength receive, be well provided,
And safely led through evil days;
Who trusts in God’s unchanging love,
Builds on the Rock that naught can move.

No anxious cares or bitter wailing
Can help afford, or give relief;
Within ourselves there’s naught availing
To give us comfort in our grief;
Our burdens, trials, sorrow, pain,
Do but increase as we complain.

Wait on the Lord, my heart, in meekness
And cheerful hope; be thou content
To get whate’er thy Father’s kindness
And all-discerning love hath sent;
Doubt not that all thy wants are known
To Him who chose thee for His own.

He knows when joyful hours are needed,
And sends them as He sees it meet;
When He through trials has succeeded
To make us free from all deceit,
Then cometh He all unaware
And makes us own His loving care.

Think not, when in the stress of trial,
That God hath cast thee off unheard,
That he whose hopes meet no denial
Must surely be of God preferred;
God never will forsake in need
The heart that trusts in Him indeed.