Who Will Come In Faithful Consecration

Who will come in faithful consecration,
Who will hearken to the Master’s call?
Who will offer love’s delightful service,
From the morning to the evenfall?

Who will gladly say,
Lord, here am I today?
Take me, blessed Lord, thy wondrous grace afford;
Lead me in thy way,
Who will gladly say,
Use me, O Lord, today?
Who will gladly say,
I’ll work for thee today?
Help me, Lord, I pray.

Room for all among his willing labr’ers,
Ev’ry gift for him may we employ;
Sowing, reaping, gathering the harvest,
They who weep shall come again with joy. [Refrain]

Hasten, then, to do the Master’s bidding,
Follow where his blessed footprints lead;
Lowly tasks shall glow with heav’nly beauty,
His rich grace supplying all our need. [Refrain]

Come, O come, in faithful consecration,
Yield yourself his holy will to do;
Starry crowns, unfading crowns of glory,
Wait on high his servants good and true. [Refrain]