Who Will Join The Noble Army

Who will join the noble army
Of the mighty King of kings,
When the battle-cry is sounding
And the song of triumph rings?

Who will follow-
Who will follow,
Where His banners proudly wave,
Soldiers of the cross of Jesus
And the cause He died to save?

Onward, Christians, strong and earnest,
Bear the sword of truth and right!
Come, while fires of youth are burning,
Come, while shines the morning light! [Refrain]

In His Name, for right and justice,
Now advance, ye soldiers true!
In His Name, and for His glory
Wake the battle-song anew! [Refrain]

All for Christ and His sweet service,
Young and old, we enter in!
In His Name, so strong and holy,
All who bravely fight will win! [Refrain]