Who Will Join The Throng To Heaven

Who will join the throng to heaven?
Come, our Savior calleth thee.
Come while time to thee is given,
Humbly bow to Him the knee.
Turn from sin thy face away,
With the world no longer stray;
Greater things thy soul must treasure
Than the world’s vain lust and pleasure.

Hast thou spent thy days in chasing
Phantom pleasures luring thee?
Hast thou fondly been embracing
Sin with all its agony?
Oh, then turn to Calvary,
Let the cross thy solace be,
With a heart contrite and lowly
Give thyself to Jesus wholly.

He alone can safely guide thee
On the way to yonder shore,
Thou art safe with Him beside thee,
Who hath help for thee in store,
But without Him thou shalt fail;
All thy wisdom, like a tale,
In the final test shall perish;
Jesus only thou must cherish.

Come, ye Christians, storms defying,
Courage take from God above,
While on Him alone relying,
One in faith, in hope, in love.
Keep ye Jesus ever near
And His holy name revere.
Help the weak and erring brother,
And in love serve one another.

It is time that we be starting,
Death is swiftly drawing nigh;
Time, that we should be departing
For a place with Christ on high.
Take His cross and start today,
For we dare not risk delay;
Come while time to thee is given;
Who will join the throng to heaven?