Who Will Rally Neath The Banner Royal

Who will rally ‘neath the banner royal,
In the Master’s service willing to be found;
God has need for loyal hearts and true,
The whole year round.

Ever pressing on in loyal service true,
Ever pressing on, His will our joy to do;
Willing hand and heart are consecrated too,
Yielding unto God our all.
We will ever strive another life to bless,
It shall be our pride His goodness to confess;
Bearing witness sure to any in distress,
As His voice my call.

Not for gold, nor things of earth that perish,
We are here rewarded for the time we give,
But the deeds we offer unto Him,
Fore’er shall live. [Refrain]

Willing hearts and hands that never weary,
Rally to the call for workers ev’rywhere,
Glad to go through deserts of the plains,
Or the valleys fair. [Refrain]